Tips To Save Money

walkingAt all level of life saving money is an important activity. Below are some easy steps which will reduce your spending without much effort.

• Note down. Keep a tack of your spending. Note down daily or weekly spending, else you might end up with a shock when you receive your credit card bill. At the start it might be difficult task to note down days spending. After starting to note down it will become a practice.

• Walk Vs. Transport. Transportation is costly in many developed countries. Walk more as you can. It is double benefit as it good for health. Most of the Doctors recommend walking for healthy life. By walking than going in bus or car you don’t not only save money but get the daily exercise.

• Cook in your kitchen. Make your own food at home, it is the much cost effective way than buying our from restaurants. You can save hundreds of dollars by cooking at home. You will be amazed to see the savings by cooking at home over buying out.

Eat fruits and snack bars when you don’t have time to make your meal. You can save time on meal preparation by doing big cooking on a weekend and use the leftovers for the following 3-4 days.

• 3 R’s. Reducing purchase will make you save, hence use the 3 R’s . Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Take care of the items you use by which you don’t have to re-buy the same. E.g Shoes, accessories, cloths, books , mobile phones etc.

• Smart buying. Know the sale happening around you. Buy and stock items which you use mostly from sale. E.g. Toiletries, Paper , cleaning items and non-perishable food. Buy items on bulk if you get bulk discount. E.g. Tooth paste.