5 ways to save energy cost

Below are some ways to keep your electricity bills down.

• Close doors and curtains. Heating , cooling a house is expensive. Close doors and heat or cool smaller area. E.g If you want to heat the room close all the doors and windows in the room and switch on the heater or Air conditioner so that area can come to the desired temperature faster.

• Wear correct clothing. Wear clothing appropriate for the temperature. E.g  warm or wool cloths will help keep you warm in winter by which you can reduce the heating expenses.

• Energy -efficient bulbs. Use energy efficient bulbs as much as possible. This will lead you to save a substantial amount in your electricity bill.

• Off  heaters and coolers when not necessary. Off the appliance when you go out of the room. After the room reaches the desired temperature off the heater while sleeping as over use of heater will de-hydrate the body.  Always make sure heating is turned off when you leave home.

• Efficient use of Washing machine . Wash cloths with cold water. Also select the shortest washing cycle according to the cloth type. Load cloths full and also try to minimise the times of usage of the machine.