Save money -Food – Part 2

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• Quick storage. As soon as you come back from the grocery shopping store it in the freezer straightly. If you have bought items for a whole week divide them into portions for each day & store. So when you want to take out for daily cooking its easy to do so. E.g Poultry items such as Chicken , fish.

• Know your Store cupboard. Only keep canned, dried items which your family like to eat. One idea is to replace items only when it has been fully used. You can do this by having a post in pad note inside the cupboard door and mark off when the item is over.

• Know the amount. Know the amount of food you need to cook based on numberindividuals who will consume the food. For example. A cup of rice serve 2 adults. If you buy a large loaf of bread cut into half & jeep in freezer for next day use. You will be amazed to see how easy to save money on food simply by careful in the amount of food.

• Make use of Leftovers. Its wonderful to know the variety of meals you can make from one Chicken. You can roast it for Sunday, leftovers can be made a chicken curry or used in sandwich. Else mix with Tomato & salad cream and make a delicious salad.

Pack the leftover dinner and freeze, it can be a ready meal for the next time. Leftover bread can be used to make breadcrumbs which can be used when making cutlets.

Think before you throw, by which you can make some delicious food out of the leftovers.