6 Ways to become Rich

Fortune can be made by little activities that you do each day. There are some activities which can be stepping stones to become rich in future. These ‘rich practice’ are considered good habits as they help you to develop.

The following practices will make you always have cash in hand.

• Set Daily Targets. It’s advisable to have shorter targets, so you can know the progress. Have a long term target and break down it to daily targets. End of the day review how much you have achieved for the day. If you have shortfall in a day, re adjust the next day target with shortfall.

• Be Conscious about your health. Healthy diet and exercise are critical for success. Allocate time for exercise. Have healthy food so you don’t have to spend more time to burn the fat.

• Minimise TV. Most successful people watch less or no TV at all. As they spend that time in doing something which is more productive.

• Manage your expense. Manage your expense, don’t spend on unwanted things. E.g. Cook at home than buy out. By controlling your expense you can save more.

• Read. Reading help you to improve yourself, knowledge and allows you to see the world in a differ rent angle. You read about your profession or skill that you want to learn. There are free available reading material in internet. Register with local Library whereby you can access free e-books.

• Positive Thinking. Positive thinking is way of life.  Get rid of negative thinking. Be open to ideas and opportunities.