Save money -Food – Part 1

Every month the amount wasted on food bought and not consumed by each household is enormous.

Its not necessary to cut down on the entertainment and fun to save money. Its all about planning well. A proper plan can save you un imaginable amount of cash , simply by reducing the waste.

• Plan. One efficient way to cut down wastage on food bills is to Plan your meals. First check your freezer , store cupboard and fridge. Make a list of items to be bought before you shop. By which you won’t buy things that you already have. Know your kids likes and make the weekly meal plan. As mostly kids don’t eat items which they don’t like, which will lead to wastage of food.

• Know what is in your fridge. Simply do an audit of the items in the fridge. Check the expiry dates of the food in the fridge and also know what is inside the pack. Also note the quantity of the pack available. Further check the Expiry date on the edible inside. Frequently we throw away lot of food as the expiry date has passed. These food items we throw are most expensive things like meat, ready to eat food and fish items.  

• Arrange the fridge. Arrange the food in the fridge accordingly. If you are not going to eat or cook for immediate use move them to freezer. Keep note of the daily items as they are hidden in the back of the fridge. You can use the dairy products in different way so it can be consumed without waste. Use left over Cheese to mix with mashed potato. Like wise use the yoghurts to make fruit smoothies which are liked by all to eat.