Make Money with Facebook

Facebook has over 1.1 billion users. Huge chance for entrepreneurs who know how to use this massive social network to make more money. If you make at least one penny from every eight Facebook users you’ll earn over a million dollars. Even it is bit difficult to sell directly to Facebook fans there are a many ways you can interact with your page that can end up adding value in turn profit to you. Below are some ways that you can use your Facebook page to make money.

 * Sell in Facebook Marketplace. Like e-bay for Facebook is called Facebook Marktplace. Use Marketplace to buy, sell, and rent almost anything you own. With Facebook Marketplace you can sell, give away, buy, rent, search for anything you want.

 * Set up Facebook Like Buttons into your Opt-in and Sales Pages. Adding Facebook Like button into opt-in page allow you to get hundreds of people to share list building offers.