Save Money in Travel – Singapore – Part 3

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• Don’t waste money on Mineral water. Water in Singapore is safe as mineral water hence don’t spend on buying bottled water. If you want can boil water in the hotel room and fill in the water bottle so you can carry easily.

• Plan your trips. You can save when you combine the trips in Singapore. For example Zoo visit with night safari you can save a considerable amount of money. Well plan the sightseeing, do a research before booking.

• Internet. Internet services in Singapore is at a premium rate. If you are visiting both Malaysia and Singapore then better to use the internet plans offered in Malaysia. Also most of the hotels provide free wi-fi facilities in Malaysia.

• Know the rules. Singapore follows strict rule and regulations. Know the rules applied in Singapore. Any break of rule will result you in paying high penalties and large fines. For example, only cross in the yellow lines and not to mis-use the chewing gum in public transport etc.