Save Money in Travel – Singapore – Part 2

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• Buy in Duty Free Shops. Singapore being the ‘Duty Free’ country, shop during the sale time. By which you can save a lot. Also when you leave the country via the airport, don’t forget to claim the taxes you paid for while you were in Singapore. GST – Goods and Services Tax you paid in can be claimed back. They will send a cheque to your home address you indicate in the claim within one month. Also shopin Bugis Street, Orchard Road, Heeren or Centrepointis a excitement for shopping lovers.

• Efficient Transport system. Singapore has efficient transport systems. It has good LRT lines also the SIA Hop-On AC Bus Services for just $5 per day.Use these costeffective transport systems than going for a expensive taxi service.

• Happy Hours. For people who want to have a booze party, it is better to have the party at earlier time. As most of the places have ‘Happy hours’ , where you can have your drink and food at a cheaper price.