Save Money in Travel – Singapore – Part 1

With the appreciation of Singapore dollar, almost nearing the US dollar rate. There are ways to enjoy your travel in Singapore with limited budget.

• Accommodation. Based on the length of stay in Singapore select the Accommodation. Select a budget hotel if you are travelling to Singapore. If you want to stay for a week or more then rent a furnished apartment. As Accommodation specially the Hotel rates are very high.

• Don’t spend on Guide Books. Don’t buy guide books for money. Singaporean people mostly talk in English so you can get help easily. Also Singapore tourism board is active and promote tourism. As soon as you come out of the plane in the airport itself there are lot of free broachers and maps, which indicates the current festivals and happenings in Singapore. Also the information available in websites are enough to tour in Singapore.

 Try new Food. Singapore has different kind of food served. Starting form Chinese to Indian Food is available in Singapore. Try the affordable shops from the  food courts or restaurants. These places offer a variety of tasty food, mostly you can try different kind of Noodles in these places.