Make Money – Retirees – Part 3

Cont ….

• Start a Blog. Its ideal way to share your desire with wider world in the world wide web. It also gives extra income. There are several online material available which let you know how to start a blog on any subject you like to share.

• Care taking of Seniors. Due to the advanced medical facilities available the life expectancy of the elders has increased. Most of the elders want to have people around just to talk and pass the time. Use the time spending with the older people who need support.

• Guide. If you are fond of art , history find a job in local museum or tour company. If you are enthusiastic you can start your own travels.

• Part time work. If you not want to work full time , find a part time work. As most of the companies try to have cost savings , they want more part timers. Also this will allow you to shift jobs based on the needs and preferences. No need to stict to one type of job role in your retirement age.

• Making and selling crafts. There is a high demand for handmade goods in the past years. For example hand-quilt rugs, shawls and knit scarves. These pieces are unique than the mass produced factory outputs. Sell the crafts you make on-line