Make Money – Retirees – Part 2

Cont ….

• Consultation. Scientists , Management professionals, Engineers can call themselves consultants. As they are expert in their areas. Consultants make higher hourly rate as Management fees. Convert your profession into a part time consulting job which is profitable job.

• Baby care. If you are found of children you can spend time in taking care of small ones. If you want to offer a part time service you can look after children after school be it your own grand children or local children. You might have to keep you updated on latest nutrition needs and health and safety requirements.

• Antiques. If you are fond of antique collections. You can buy those and can re sell them for a higher price. By which you can make a profit.

• Planting. If you like to grow vegetables, fruits in your garden for own use. Can sell the excess produce to farmer’s market. There is high demand for Organic products these days. Try to grow your plants organically so can sell the produce at a premium rate.