Make Money – Retirees – Part 1

If you are a retired person you get really small amount of extra money. The below are some ways you can make money.

• Tuition Teacher. If you are good in any subject its worth trying to teach it to students. As elderly person you will be more relaxed in handling students. Independent tuition service is the best. Else join an online tutor service and offer your service. There are lot of students around the world who needs help in their studies.

• Cup cakes. There is a high demand for cup cakes for any functions. Learn to make different flavours of cakes, mostly the dough for the cake is same only you have to mix different ingredients to get a different kind of cake. E.g. Chocolate, Vanilla etc.

• Taking Dog for a Walk. Walking is a great exercise in the old days. While you walk make money by taking dog of others for walk. There are lot of individuals and familes who don’t have time to take their pets for walk. Can charge $ 20 to $ 30 per dog per hour.

• Rent. Rent the unused space of your property. It can be a room or basement. If you are travelling during your retirement can rent your whole house while you are in vacation.