Saving Tips – Travelling In Malaysia – Part 2


•  Bottled  Water. Most of the hotels and guest houses offer free filtered water. You can save considerable amount of money if you don’t buy bottled water. If you are unsure of the water provided, you can boil the water in the kettle available in the room. Use the boil water to fill in the bottle you have, than spend money in buying water.

If you are in the move and want to buy a mineral water, buy a unbranded water than a branded one. As brand cost extra , simply it has a brand name in it!

•  Taxi. Always get in to a ‘metered taxi’. As Taxi drivers in Malaysia will exaggerate the charges when they know you are a tourist. Talk to the driver before getting into the Taxi.

• Coffee. Most of the international coffee shops are there in Malaysia. E.g. Coffee Bean, Starbucks. But the prices are more than that you pay in USA or Europe.

If you are a coffee addict and you don’t want to spend as in USA. There are some alternatives you can try. There are local coffee shops you can buy even though the flavour is not same as international coffee shops they are strong and tasty.

Another option is to try tea instead of coffee. Indian tea in Malaysia served with milk gives a similar taste as  a tea cappuccino.