Save Money – Credit Cards – Part 1

Most of the people accept the credit card just based on the credit limit. There are lot of things you can get out from the credit cards. Below are some tips when accepting a credit card.

* Check Out. Selecting a credit card is a critical financial decision. Terms and conditions and Interest rates vary in a great extend. Hence, before selecting which credit card to go for do a trough check on all available credit cards in the market. Its not a time consuming effort in this net era as there are lots of websites which offer this service by comparing credit cards available side by side basis. E.g ,

* Two billing Cycle. Carefully read the terms and conditions before you accept a credit card. As some credit card companies calculate the interest on two cycle than on one cycle average balance. When you want to pay and finish off the outstanding it is difficult to keep track and do so when there are two cycles.

* Price Protection Scheme.Most of the credit cards offer Price Protection Scheme which offer 1 month, 2 month or 3 month guarantee on things you purchase with credit card. This protection scheme come with electrical items where there are drastic price reduction within shorter period.