Saving Tips – Travelling In Malaysia – Part 1

Below are some money saving tips which can be used when you travel to Malaysia.

• Mobile phones. You can buy a mobile connection at a low cost in Malaysia than using your roaming connection which cost you more. Most of the connections are less than USD 3.

When you buy a new connection it comes with free local SMS, also international SMS are at a low rate but depend on the country you SMS to. There are top up cards which you can buy & top up as needed. Even you travel for a few days its advisable to buy a SIM in Malaysia.

•  Internet. Normally internet facility in Malaysia is fast. Most of the places has Wi-Fi facility too. Most of the Restaurants has Wi-Fi. The local internet centres charge higher rates. It is advisable to use free internet facilities so you can save money spend on internet. You should take your own lap top to use in Malaysia. Else use your smart phones to connect to the free Wi-Fi and use the internet freely.

•  Road Transport. Malaysia has the superior transport services in the south east Asian countries. The LRT lines are similar to what u have in the European countries. I would say much cleaner than UK trains. Due to the Culture they have compartments specifically to Ladies. Full Whole “Ladies Compartments” are there in the train, in which males can’t enter.  It is safer for females to travel alone even until the late night. Trains had padded seats and Air conditioned also super clean. Overnight trains provide spacious beds with clean linens.

There is train from Airport to KL Central, which is heart of the city. From KL Central you can take a taxi to the hotel you have booked . Up and down tickets cost 70 Ringgit from Airport to KL Central. If you are doing a return trip within Malaysia and Singapore, buy both the tickets in Malaysia itself. As there is a large savings in the tickets  prices when you buy in Malaysia than in Singapore. You can save approximately USD 10 if you buy both tickets in Malaysia.