Money Tips – Young Professionals – Part 2


• Pay back student loans. You pay more interest in your Student loans than what you can save. In the current world the interest earnings is much less than what you end up paying. Hence paying bulk of your loan will allow you to save more cash immediately. It might not be possible to pay big amount at once at for some years after graduation. Make  sure you do the payment as soon as you have a healthy bank account.

• Don’t delay to invest. Don’t wait to start a retirement account until you have extra money. Start a 401(k) if your employer offers it. Its worthwhile even you start with a 2%. This can gradually grow up to a 10% or higher in the future. You can use a retirement calculator to find how much you need in your retirement age.

• Think before you give back.  It is the current marketing gimmick when they say they make a difference in the word, by  saying they are environmental friendly but not in the real sense. Don’t get trapped to all natural labelling. Examine why company is claiming before you spend your money. Same applies to the Charitable donations. Do a background check on these organisations before donating any money.