Money Tips – Young Professionals – Part 1

Following are some money tips for current day Professionals.

• Save 33% of your  income.  Saving one third of your income looks like a lot. Even though it is necessary to save such amount to have stable financial life.  It is important during the tough times like redundancy also to achieve the long term dream such as starting up your own business.  Put away such large amount of money every month is a sacrificing some luxuries every month, although this is the only way to get near your final financial goal.

• Be ready to invest in your career related expenses.  Don’t think when you have to spend on things which will generate future earnings for you. Invest on education which will bring you more earning power. It doesn’t need to be restricted to education, it can be anything which is possibly a profitable hobby.

•  Enrich your Aspiring dreams. The basic reason why most people don’t achieve their financial goal is they fail to do what they like to do. Have the passion for what you want to do. If you have problem in finding what you really what to do. Do brainstorming session with your partner , friends or family members who can help to find what you are good at and what you enjoy doing.