Legal tips – Traveling abroad – Part 2


• Refrain from flying on foreign air lines. As it might not been covered by the Montreal Convention1 and your recoverable damages many be unexceptional. Most of the foreign airlines are in the blacklist of European Union, hence check before you book.

• In case you have an injury refrain from using medical facilities in the cruise liner. As most of the intense it has evaded the negligence of the doctors in the ship. Be aware the safety standards are not as high as in United States. E.g plate glass in lobby of Greek hotel is very thin, Windows in Russian hotel is less secure, gas stove in hotel might explode. Less Quality Medical care e.g. Diabetic tourist misdiagnosed in local hospital, death may occur to delay in calling medical help for a hotel guest. Best way is to use the evacuation insurance and fly back to United States as soon as possible.

• Be vigilant of  sending your children to the day care centre in the foreign hotel. As there are reported incidents of day care employee convicted of sexual abuses. It is safe to take your mother in law or another family member with you to take care of your children.

• Tourist must behave accordingly to the laws and customs in the destination country. E.g In Singapore Careless Disposal of Chewing gum, Jaywalking and spitting result in fines, whereas prostitution is legal. Beware of the Values of the country. E.g Law in Ireland offensive to say or print anything vulgarly.