Free Ways to Make Somebody’s Day – Part 2


• Listen. It make them feel good to know someone really cares. When they remember they were concerned about . If a friend was worried about an future job presentation ask him / her  how it went in a later date.

• Lend a Hand. Offer to help! Knowing that somebody  there is kind enough to take a few moments out of their day to lend a helping hand is always appreciated.

• Share and Care. Just asking if a friend wants to join you in doing something, or dropping off an unexpected gift, will brighten their day. Everyone likes to know that someone was thinking about them.

•Be Good with other Drivers or Pedestrians. Simple road etiquette is a wonderful way to make someone’s day easier. Making an effort to let another car go in front of you or stopping to let someone cross the street is a great way to make somebody’s day. You will be grateful next time when it happens to you.  Hence make an effort to try and give someone else the right away at least once a day.