Money-Saving Travel Ideas – Part 1

Day by day dollar becomes weak and travel is getting more expensive by the minute ! Ever increasing  jet fuel cost and air carriers charge extra for everything from baggage to aisle seats, travellers on a budget wonder even if they can afford a vacation.

Below are some travel tips for keeping you on vacation still keeping within your budget .

• Be a Local Tourist. These days, the mighty dollar isn’t so mighty, making most Americans to look for vacation inspiration closer to home. I also prefer to travel local or nearby so you don’t waste more time on travelling. Visit to a nearby historic site, or a local amusement park. Check your local newspapers and regional websites for cool weekend fairs and events.

• Jump-Off Cities. Most of US cities are considered jump-off cities, or two destinations in one. Example  trip to Las Vegas can also become a trip to the Grand Canyon. Canyon is  about 250 miles away from Vegas, it will take about four and a half hours to drive there. Where you can explore one of the most amazing wonders of the world. Trip to San Francisco can easily become a break into California’s wine country. Journey to our nation’s monuments in Washington, DC, may incorporate a trip to Baltimore’s famed Inner Harbour.

• Use Regional Airports. Many low-cost/ Budget airlines use smaller regional airports near large cities. These airports may be a bit out of the way, but the minor inconvenience can put much more into your pocket.

• Better-quality Budget Hotels. Now budget hotels provide great amenities to. Now a days travellers look for a clean and ok place to stay. Which is mostly addressed by these Budget hotels. As most of the travellers are out during the day and come only to sleep. A comfortable Bed is sufficient for them.

• Eliminate Hidden Hotel Costs. There are extra charges that are listed on a hotel bill that were never outlined in the room rate. Mostly these are taxes and service charges.   To avoid them , inquire for all of the fees associated with the room to be disclosed at check-in. Decline newspaper delivery, and make sure you understand all of the fees associated with picking up the phone in your room. The best way is not to use it at all. Bring your own cell phone or a pre-paid calling card.