Online Banking Tips

Follow the security rules in the internet, keep in mind your financial details are electronically stored and which can be accessed anywhere in the world !

• Safeguard user name and password: The basic internet security rule applies here, don’t ever share your username and password with others. Password is private and confidential.

• Sign off : Remember to sign off from the website when you are done with it. Be extra careful when you use common computers, which might auto save your details. Do not click on to save details for future use.

• Frequent change of password : This is a easy way to make your account safer. But remember to the latest password. There is a high chance of account getting blocked when you forget and try other passwords.

• Examine your monthly statements : Go thorough your monthly statements every month to make sure there aren’t any un wanted transactions. By this if you find any suspicious entry in the statement you can immediately inform your bank.

• Keep a Back up : It is always advisable to keep a copy of your latest bank details copied and kept some where. As there may be a server/ computer crash where by you might loose your details. Mostly the banks will keep a back of there server, but personally if you also have you can double check and be happy of the balance.