Saving Tips – Women Entrepreneurs

Women are more calculative and risk averse than men.

Research shows women are better than men in investment decisions. Some tips that will help you to run money with the same authority in  which you are able to run your business. 

* Write The Financial Goals. Set all the written goals to sketch out a good plan. If there are more than one goal you are planning at set priorities to achieve them.

* This is Not The Time To Get Divorced. Have a clear idea of  how your husband or partner thinks about money. Check with your spouse and kids, before you fall  into your money-making decisions. Don’t let the money to drive you into those financial disasters: divorce or having financially dependent children.

* Good Economy leads to Better Savings. Can save more when you earn more or during times when economy is good. But in this bad economic situation be mindful of your spending.

* Save Like a Man. The studies shows women only save 50% what men save for their retirement. But women’s life span is more than that of a man. Hence women have to  save 20% more than men.