Tips for Changing Car Insurance Companies

Shifting  car insurance providers is considered a trouble for most people. It consume time to call agents and brokers. Here are some tips to minimise those.

Collect required information before you  make calls. Know the make and year of your car or cars. The agent normally ask for the ages of each driver that will be a regular driver. Consider about your driving habits also make a note of  average number of miles that each car is driven during a year. Keep a track of  any accident or ticket that you or the other drivers have had in past three years.

Make a list of  insurance companies and brokers that you want to contact. Note down the  name of  company and / or broker along with the phone number. Better to list these on a sheet of paper in a table to record the various quotes as they are given. In most instance agent will not quote the price on the spot but will call you back. Have this sheet near the phone so you can fill in the information when it is received.

Notice the differences between the insurance quotes. Cost of insurance does not just include the premium amount. You should know the amount of various deductibles. Decide whether you are buying comprehensive, towing, car rental, and other types of coverage.

Always make sure  your current insurance is valid. Make sure your current policy is valid before you start the new policy, as Most car insurance companies will penalize you for not having a current policy in force. Normally  new company will want to see that your current insurance is paid up to date. Start looking for new insurance in the middle of a monthly premium period if you pay monthly.

Go for new car insurance when you can minimize the overlap in policies. Star looking for new insurance during the last six weeks or so of the premium period. By this  you give cancellation notification in time to your old insurer. By this you don’t end up paying additional premiums due.