Money Saving Tips – Beauty

Times are tough at the moment and it’s important to save money where we can. Tips below for saving some money on beauty products and making them last that little but longer.

•  Organise a Makeup Swapping Party with your friends! By this get rid of unwanted lipsticks you might have only used once. Scrap off the last part of the lipstick with a knife or dip it in alcohol to sterilise. For eye shadows or powders you want to swap just wipe over the surface with tissue to clean. By this get some new make up to try out newly !

• Store your nail polish in the fridge to stop it going cloggy. In case already cloggy, put a little nail polish remover into your nail polish jar and shake well to thin out the texture.

•  Mascara is a generating base for germs. Replace it every three months but don’t throw away the brush. Wash it with shampoo and use it as a brow/ lash grooming brush.

• In case you drop your pressed powder or bronzer powder by accident, don’t throw  away. Place the loose powder onto a tissue and gently using back of a spoon ground to a fine powder. Store in a small empty jar and use as a loose powder.