Fuel Saving Tips

With the fuel prices climb to record heights increasing fuel efficiency becomes more necessary and will save more money. The best way to save fuel is to drive moderately and slowly.

Keep in Good Condition – Vehicle’s Engine and Fuel Systems. Engine is heart of any vehicle is its and the fuel system that makes the vehicle run. Planned maintenance is critical to long engine life and fuel efficiency. By this Organised maintenance you can identify any faults and eliminate or minimise any costly breakdowns.

Use quality products for your vehicle than inferior products in the market e.g. motor Oil, gasoline etc.

Eliminate Unwanted Weight from your vehicle. Additional weight in your vehicle to have an impact on fuel mileage. It is found 100 pounds taken out of a vehicle up to 2 per cent of fuel costs can be saved.

Eliminate Unnecessary Idling. Mostly trips include regular stops around town. Red lights and an untimely wait at a railroad crossing. Idle time where the engine burns gas while waiting. If idling time is more than a minute turn the engine off and save an astonishing 19 per cent on fuel cost.

Keep Proper Tire Inflation. By this Proper tire inflation will not only improve fuel efficiency also it will help tires to last longer too! Take a couple extra minutes to check tire pressure at each fill up. Tires properly inflated and save up to 3.3 per cent on fuel costs.

Make Use of  Cruise Control. Cruise control is most fuel efficient on long, flat trips.  Avoid on a mountainous treks as they tend to accelerate quicker than necessary when climbing.. On the whole up to a whopping 14 per cent can be saved by using the vehicle’s cruise control feature.