Smart Money Decisions

Begin living on a budget that works for you and your family. Formulate healthy financial choices to eliminate debt  and decrease costs..
• Construct a Budget
First and foremost  step to living on a budget is to track your  income and expenses. Collect all of your bills, bank statements , pay slips everything you have that indicates money coming in or going out.
• Know your Financial Goals
Placing financial goals is an important step in protecting your future. When you’re fighting month on month just to pay the bills, saving money seems like a long-term goal.
• Get Rid of Debt
Handling your debt is easy when you set realistic goals. Debt management plan can be incorporated into your budget so you can pay off your credit cards, mortgage and eliminate your overall debt.
• Reduce Your Taxes
Easy modifications can reduce your taxes and add money to your family’s bottom line. Learning current tax rules on claiming dependents, using the child tax credit and taking advantage of child care and dependent care expenses are a few of the tax rules you should be aware of every year when it’s time to file.
• Form a fund for Financial Emergencies
Form an emergency fund that help you build up savings for unexpected expenses. Life insurance and a last will and testament can also protect your family from a financial hardship if something should happen to you or your spouse.
• Limit Spending on Food
Save enough money on groceries with a ready-made shopping list of your family’s favourite recipes. There are budget-friendly options that give you a break from the kitchen without draining your bank account. For Example, Kids eat free deals at restaurants
• Plan for Travel
Extending your travel dollars can make your dream trip a reality. If you find your budget won’t allow your family to travel, plan a activity that keeps everyone close to home but still has room for day trips and fun activities to fit any budget.