Save Money As You Sleep !

Do you know the hours you sleep may cost you !

Overnight hours may be costing you hundreds of dollars per year and you might not even realize it.

Even you think electronics and appliances are off are still drawing power whether they’re on or not. To over come this  unplug everything or use power strips to make turning things off as easy as a Click of a switch. Money wasters in the night are lights that are switched on, A/C or heat units that are left running at daytime temperatures, leaking or running plumbing fixtures.

Some quick checks before bed each night to make sure sleep time isn’t costing any more than it has to.

Ensure outdoor lights are off: Make sure  switch off all the outside lights. In case you want to leave an outside light on for security purposes install a motion detectors which will only turn the light on if someone is in the yard else install a solar Light. Install timers so outside lights go off in the morning without you to turn them off. Lighting left burning all night especially floodlights can increase your power bill.

Ensure taps, toilets, and sprayers are properly closed : Do a quick check in sink and toilet to make sure that they are fully off and not leaking. A little drop can mean a big water bill for the month.

Switch off lights and electronics and unplug: Switch off lights and unplug unnecessary items. Unplug the computers also even it takes a little time to boot in the morning, but they continue to consume power even in the sleep mode. Unplug chargers, even if mobile is charged, allowing the charger plugged in all night won’t increase the charge but will just waste power. look up and turn off any ceiling fans in unused in the rooms. Ceiling fans cool people not rooms, hence using them at night is a waste of money. In case you want night lights use LED as it only consume a tiny amount of power but give off a good glow.

Fine-tune the A/C , heater : During winter adjust the heat down to about sixty degrees overnight. All  under blankets and in warm sleepwear so it doesn’t need to run full swing. During summer keep the temperature around eighty during the day and turn it down to about 75 at night. If possible Automate this task by a programmable thermostat.