Money – Saving tips on Hotel

Stick to hotels that offer complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Take an extra apple or banana from a hotel breakfast bar and saving it for lunch.  

Consumption on the inexpensive.

Book  hotels where rooms come equipped with kitchenettes or, at the very least, microwaves and coffeemakers. Its healthy, travel well and most rooms have a coffee maker. Heat up the water in the coffee maker, dump the oatmeal into a coffee mug and you have a healthy, economical breakfast.

Free Wi-Fi and Economical transportation

Travel by paying close attention to membership discounts. Memberships, reward cards and credit cards all offer partner discounts. Use them or lose them! For example,  JetBlue, I gives 15 % off  for paying via American Express Card.

Look out hotel chains that offer free Wi-Fi access that can be accessed in the hotel.

Buy a weekly transit pass to save on public transportation in cities . Weekly pass will save a lot more money.

Use travel Web site because it monitors fares even after a ticket is purchased and will help you get a refund if the fare goes down.