Budgeting – For College Students

Cost of college is a burden for many families. There is no difference even if a student is attending a public institution in their home state or  most expensive universities in the country. No evading the high cost of college.

Students should know how to properly manage a budget so not find themselves in debt within the first few weeks of school.

For most Students college will be the first time they are responsible for handling their own finances.

• Constantly assess needs Vs. wants – First identify what you need for school such as a computer, school supplies and textbooks and make those purchases priority. After you realize how much you pay for the things that you actually need you determine from wasting money on unwanted things.

• Savings on meals – Plan your meals at the same time as check out coupon offers and so  you take advantage of  great deals.

• Bulk shopping – Find  your local consignment shop. Can save up to 70% off wardrobe essentials. Websites like MagicYellow.com will help you find the nearest consignment shop in your area.

• Stock items when they are on sale – Be it groceries, detergent or school items advised purchasing brands when they are on sale. Sign up for Loyalty card of your grocery store  eligible for savings.

• Rent textbooks from web sites such as Bookrenter.com , Chegg.com – Visit these sites before buying from your school’s bookshop.

• Make use of your school canteen food as much as you can – Enrol for  a meal plan. If you are going out with friends look for happy hour or early-bird deals on dinner. Search for deals by using your smartphone with the Happy Hour Finder app. Some restaurants offer discounts on food for late night dinning. Look out  on Foursquare to identify restaurant deals and freebies like free appetizer with entree purchase and use your zip code on RedPlum to find localized deals.

• Split club membership – Share a club membership fee with several college friends to share the bulk buys and save big on basic things like laundry detergent ,  food staples like oatmeal for quick microwave breakfasts. Same stores also offer better prices on necessities like body lotion, toothpaste.