Pre Christmas Budget – Food

Its the time of the year again to think about food shopping bill for X’mas. December being the expensive time of the year.  Be prepared and start early, so can take advantage of offers and discounts in the town.

• Advance Planning. Apart from planning your weekly shopping, try to think what you need for the festive period as well. Separate your shopping list with perishable and non –perishables. Plan out over items to your shopping list over the weeks so it can extent the cost. Some of the items you can buy in advance boxes of chocolates coffee biscuits chutneys & preserves nuts crisps wine cheese biscuits soft drinks spirits napkins crackers Store Non-perishables in a cool dry place also make sure don’t get consumed before Christmas!

• Fix a budget Agree on a Budget to be spent for the season and stick to the limits. Be aware of the impulsive buying during Christmas due to the packaging. Better to buy tried and tested brands than try new one which might be not to your taste, at last these are thrown to bin without using. Keep an eye on Special offers and Discount counter when you do the weekly shopping. Time to time check the magazines for money saving coupons and in-store leaf lets where you can have a bigger savings in items in offer.

• Arrange the Freezer Clean your freezer. Take a list of items which is already in the freezer so you can budget for the items to be bought. By this eliminate duplicate items being purchased. Also this will help dumping money in unnecessary items which are not consumed.

• Edible gifts. Give as much as edible homemade treats or Hamper filled with favourite food items and necessities. This can include starting from X’mas cake, home made fudge, gingerbread men tec. List down the ingredients need for these and start buying in advance as when nearing the X’mas the prices of cake ingredients are expensive.

• Use Internet shopping. There is a huge variance in prices nearing Christmas in the supermarkets. Check out the price comparison sites to identify the cheap places to by. is one of the allows you to compare items with other on-line supermarkets. You may be amazed to see the price differences. Online shopping not only allow to stick to budget but also overcome the impulsive buying.