Do you know how to Collect and Redeem the Aeroplan Miles

Most of the Canadians like to travel and collect the flight miles, for them Aeroplan is the one of the most popular rewards programs in Canada. Aeroplan members redeem their miles for over one million flight rewards each year.Specialy if you are a business person, Aeroplan Miles program is really good choice for you.when you were travelling a lot on business. It is easy to accumulate when you were flying across the country with Air Canada. You can earned Aeroplan miles on occasion by filling up at Esso Gas and shopping at Home Deports.

Also you can collect enough of the Aeroplan program to purchase shares in Groupe Aeroplan.You can redeeming your Aeroplan miles for flights is fairly straightforward. Redemption for short fly flights in Canada to the U.S. Aero plan miles are start from 15,000 miles, and long fly flights starts from 25,000 miles. You can redeemed your Aeroplan miles for a free short fly flight from Toronto to Edmonton, just has to pay only the extra fees and taxes. You can also redeem your points for products, and you have redeemed your Aeroplan miles for gift cards at HBC and Home Deport.

Aeroplan program had recent changes to the Aeroplan that came into effect last year. Aeroplan changes increased the number of miles required to redeem for certain long fly flights only. Aeroplan changes react an average increase of less than five percent in the number of miles per flight rewards. The Aeroplan website claims that when you stay active in the program, you have to make sure that your Aeroplan Milesis not expire. All Aeroplan take one transaction every twelve months ( one year)to keep your account active,also you can have a seven years from the time you accumulate the miles to redeem them for a reward. Are you a frequent Air traveler? then Aeroplan card will give you Air Canada and the Star Alliance partnership.