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Find Cheap Hotels 


Spend less for a hotel on your next vacation!

Apart from the normal tips, find below which you could save even more. Being more flexible you are with your travel dates, the better deal you will find.

Tip 1. Use website to search a room which searches hundreds of hotel booking sites. Than searching for a room directly on Hotwire, then on Travelocity and so on. Search for a room on or These sites search hundreds of websites, including the ones mentioned, so you can compare prices for the same hotels for the same dates. Also compare fees and cancellation policies.

Tip 2. Directly Call the hotel for reservations. After you found the best price online. Call and see if the hotel will give you an even cheaper rate. Calling the hotel directly eliminates the commission cost, and the hotel may pass part of the savings on to you. Also they might even offer you an upgrade.

Tip 3. Subscribe for promotional emails from individual hotel chains. When there are promotion by hotel you can get these.

Tip 4. Book via a travel agent. As travel agents receive a commission from hotels, they will pass on some benefit to you. Also they have access to the best deals and know if a price is a good deal.

Tip 5. Look out in free travel guides located at rest areas, gas stations and restaurants. They advertise hotels with current promotion rates and are organized by city and state. Mostly these hotels are located in the state in which you are traveling (usually the ones near main roads).This is a good option if you are on the road traveling and are looking for a place to stay that night.

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